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Ah. And at that point the issue arises that graphical user interfaces are inferior to text-only interfaces. tiox: Well we have a functional text-only interface in Kubuntu. Of course. I was just commenting on the debate on GUIs. tiox: The debate is about having one. tiox: I've been installing Kubuntu on systems for a while, and I never see it as a problem. It's your thing, dude. I know, I just was wondering what you were referring to when you said it was a debat. tiox: Right, that's when you said "highly compressed " and I don't think I'm that smart. *debated tiox: I'm saying having one is a debate. You need to be smarter to realize what I just said. tiox: I am. All I said was that is was a debate if you wanted to know. I do. tiox: Ok, fair enough. :) Anyway, now you know I am well read. tiox: Right, I'm just trying to figure out what you were specifically referring to. tiox: In case it wasn't clear, GUIs are important because they are fast and convenient, and at times can offer better functionality than text-only interfaces. I know, I have a long history on IRC. tiox: That's fine. :) tiox: But why did you bring up the GUI/text-only debate? I'm not sure what you were referring to. I just find there are times when a GUI is preferable to a text-only interface. Sure, but that's only if you prefer the GUI over the text-only interface. Case in point, I run a lot of older OSs that



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True Crime: Streets Of LA ( Pc Highly Compressed Full ) | 570 Mb wetumbe

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