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They are kept apart by Count Ristori's wife, and Count Ristori's father, who wish for him to marry the Queen of France. Ristori's ultimate goal is to help his country. Elisa, due to a tragedy, knows that her life will not be long, she wishes to be with the man that she loves. Characters Count Fabrizio Ristori He is the main character of the story. He is a handsome and witty young man. He is born the eldest child of Duke Ristori, Count de Vignac and his wife Elisa d'Orovetto. A recent widow, his mother was childless, so after her death he was raised by his aunt, Countess de Brancas. Soon after his father's death, he was sent to Paris to be educated. After the death of his mother, he inherited her fortune and left Paris for the French court. He fell in love with Elisa Scalzi and wants her to be his wife. Elisa Scalzi She is a fair beauty. A poor peasant girl, she is in love with Count Fabrizio Ristori. She is the daughter of Don Giuseppe Scalzi and his wife Giulia del Ferroni, a poor widow who wants to save her son from debtors' prison. She met Count Ristori when he was young, and he saved her son from a debtors' prison. He had promised her that if he became a count he would marry her. She had an accident which made her lose her memory. Her relatives, the Spinola family, wanted her to marry, but she refused. She was educated by the nuns of the Della Scalza convent. After Count Ristori married the Duchess of Salerno, she attended his family in Naples. She meets him again, now he is a count, at the French court and she falls in love with him again. Countess Maria Theresa Gonzaga She is the second wife of Count Ristori. She becomes jealous when she finds out about the love affair between her husband and Elisa Scalzi. She is in love with Count Ristori, and would stop at nothing to keep him and Elisa apart. Countess Angela Maria Spinola She is the third wife of Count Ristori. She has two daughters, Caroline and Maria Teresa. She is a cold and




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Eliza Iz Rivombroze Online Sa Prevodom

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