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4 People
$ 627.000
5 People
$ 539.000

Puerto Nariño Tour


Landscape and cultural tour

  • 7:30 am. Meeting with your guide at the hotel, transfers to the river dock on the Amazon River.

  • Departure by speedboat Amazon tour customized for the group, we sail the Amazon upstream to Puerto Nariño.

  • Orientation in imaginary point of the three borders, spectacular panoramic view of border cities of Brazil, Peru and Colombia.

  • During the tour over the imposing river, we appreciate the Amazon rainforest and the riverside villages of indigenous Ticunas and Yaguas de (Peru and Colombia).

  • Arrival at the Flor de Loto Natural Reserve, during the visit we appreciate the Victoria Regia (lily Pads), the most representative plant of the Amazon flora.

  • Navigating waters further up we arrive at the Natural Reserve of the monkey island, meeting with herds of Squirrel monkeys, a species that dominates the island.

  • Following our tour we visit the indigenous community of Macedonia indigenous Ticunas, where we will have a brief cultural exchange with the residents of the community and purchase of handicrafts.

  • Arrival to Puerto Nariño, visit and recognition of the urban area of ​​the municipality.

  • Visit to the Naipata viewpoint, pleasant panoramic view of the municipality of Puerto Nariño and the surrounding lakes, as well as the great Amazon River.

  • Lunch at Las Margaritas restaurant, delight with local cuisine

  • Boat tour with a panoramic view of the whole Tarapoto, Sapo and Correo lakes, and landscapes of flooded forest, (The visit to the lakes is only possible during the high water season).

  • Observation of pink and gray Amazonian dolphins (natural attraction of high probability, subject to hours of activity and travel).

  • 5.00 p.m. Arrival at the Leticia dock, transfers to the hotel.





1 People
$ 1.542.000
2 People
$ 918.000
3 People


  • Transportation in tourism boats Leticia - Puerto Nariño - Leticia.

  • Lunch at Las Margaritas Restaurant.

  • Hydration during the journey; drinking water, soft drinks.

  • Entry tax to Puerto Nariño.

  • Visit to the tourist attractions.

  • Specialized professional guide, accompaniment and permanent assistance.

  • Activities specified in the Plan.

  • Medical Assistance Card.


  • Personal or additional purchases.




  • It is essential to have the citizenship card, if it is a foreign national identity card or passport, as well as the current international certificate of yellow fever vaccine, (preventive for any program, but not mandatory).

  • Amazon tour includes, medical assistance card.

  • Simple money for personal or craft purchases.

  • Wear light and cool comfortable clothes, such as T-shirts, shirts with long sleeves, light colors, swimwear, caps, as well as waterproofs, lanterns, sunscreen, repellent.

  • If you take any medication you must take it.

  • If you are vegetarian, vegan or allergic to fish or any other food you must inform your agency and your guide before the tour.

$ 725.000
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