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We are Amazon tour


Amazon tour was born in January 2011, due to the unbridled passion of Elvis Ordóñez for the jungle landscapes, the big river, the free animals, and the indigenous cultures that inhabit the vast jungle.
To this is added his professionalism and experience of 20 years as a jungle guide, enthusiastic and tireless a lover of the Amazon a fascinating and seductive destination.

The idea is born of desire and the will to create a travel agency that is characterized by a high professionalism, by in-depth personal knowledge of each proposed destination; this idea became a reality thanks to the reference of long-standing friends today, the ones we gain with time, thanks to an interpersonal relationship based on trust, careful attention to guide, advise and follow the journey step by step the maximum dedication.

Amazon tour Specialized tours in Leticia Amazonas. The success of Amazon Tour is based on our passion for the Amazon and the guarantee of our services. Our experience is based first of all on the knowledge we have of each destination we recommend and because we are 100% independent, we only work with the best suppliers, approved and certified. Our team; professional guides, indigenous guides, environmental interpreters, river transporters, land transporters with their drivers have vast experience in the river and the jungle as in the destinations proposed in the Amazon tour travel plans. Destinations where we accompany offering all the guarantees of security and professionalism making your trip to the Amazon an intense and authentic experience.



​Amazon tour will be positioned in 2025 as one of the leading companies in the eco-tourism and specialized tourism of the Amazon, developing a sustainable tourism, sensitive to the ecology and in harmony with the indigenous cultures of the Amazon.


Amazon tour is a tour operator specialized in jungle that offers eco-tourism services specialized in different jungle scenarios and natural landscapes of the Amazon. Created by local people, natives of the region, in Amazon tour we design, organize and operate the excursion and tour plans for families, companies and schools as well as create special programs for ornithologists, researchers, photographers and filmmakers in the triple border. We rely on our work team to guarantee safety and quality of our services, achieving full satisfaction of our customers and thus contribute to the development of our region.











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