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Amazon is a dream destination in every way - home to legendary, unforgettable animals and extraordinary scenic beauty. We travel to all destinations throughout the Amazon River on the border of Brazil, Peru and Colombia. We recommend you to make sure that our advice is based on first-hand experience and we as a team with each provider guarantee an itinerary full of unique experiences. The Amazon is much more than our passion, it is our home ... We will not show you the world; We will show you the Amazon, better than anyone.


Our guides

All the professional guides that work for Amazon tour are local people, born and raised in the Amazon rainforest, with a wide knowledge and sensitive to the ecology and cultures of the Amazon. Our guides have an average of 8 to 25 years of experience in the destination, all have professional training as jungle guides and specialize in Ornithology, Herpetology, Botany, Amazonian Ecosystems and Amazonian cultures, some have worked closely with renowned scientists in the ecology of the rainforest and conservation. They have also accompanied anthropologists, artists and photographers on their trips to the Amazon. As well as his experience has served to help and advise on the production of documentaries of the Amazon rainforest.

Our guides are able to interpret the jungle on a scientific level, and at the same time express a love for the jungle that only comes from those people who have grown up in it and who have a passion for their work. When traveling with the Amazon tour, you will feel assured of a warm welcome from the inhabitants of the indigenous communities as you learn about their daily life. You will never feel intrusive, if you are accompanied by our guides, as we share much in common with those who live there. Amazon tour has also sought to be an intermediary to achieve benefits for the communities in the destinations we visit, in the form of retribution, we seek to support the education of children from schools in the communities.

Elaise Cuao Carranza

He is an ornithologist guide with more than 30 years of experience, speaks Spanish, Portuguese. Elaise Cuao Carranza is dedicated to the study of birds in the Amazon. he has led expeditions of bird watchers and accompanied ornithologists of the stature of Steven l. Hilty, Gary Stiles, Greg R. Homel, John Apkins and Andrew Witaker. Carranza has also made important contributions with new records of birds for Colombia, such as Pearly Breasted Conebill (Conirostrum margaritae), White Bellied Parrot (Pionites leucogaster) and Casqued Oropendola (Clypicterus oseryi), thanks to his experience Elaise Cuao is the leading guide for accompany birdwatchers on their visit to the Amazon.

Elvis Ordoñez

He has been a tour guide since 1998, he speaks Spanish, Portuguese and is passionate about the jungle and everything that lives there, has been dedicated to the study of the ethology of some species of reptiles, mammals and birds, as well as ecology issues such as the herbivory. He served as the head guide of Explorer Colombia for Amazonas, Decameron hotels dependence, since 2007 he accompanied more than 3000 visitors a year of this prestigious company, until 2017. Creates the itineraries, directs and accompanies the logistics of expeditions and excursions for Amazon Tour Elvis Ordoñez, has worked with research biologists in the characterization of islands in formation of the Amazon River, also with anthropologists on issues of contact and miscegenation, as well as advising and accompanying photographers in the search of jungle scenarios and wildlife of the Amazon.

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