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4 People
$ 125.000
5 People
$ 115.000

Maloca Witoto


Cultural tour

  • 8:00 am. Meeting with your guide at the hotel.

  • Departure in taxi or a van vehicle according the size of the group, making a 7 km journey on the Leticia road via Tarapacá, bound for the Witoto Community.

  • Upon our arrival to the community. Your guide for the tour will give the instructions and Orientation at the starting point.

  • We begin our adventure with a walk through indigenous trails through the jungle of the highland, observing the fauna and flora of the area.

  • During the tour we will know some species of use in ethnobotany.

  • We will visit the traditional crops of indigenous Witotos where we will know species of crops such as coca, bananas and yuca brava (toxic yucca).

  • After this pleasant and interesting experience 1 hour walking.

  • We arrive at the Maloka, (Indigenous Witoto).

  • Then we started a conversation about the Witoto culture of topics such as, the maloka as a domestic space and of cultural significance, coca as the power of the word, yagé power and shamanic force).

  • Recognition of plant species such as Yagé, Coca and Tabaco, and the form of extraction, preparation in the Witoto culture.

  • Departure to the road, return to Leticia.

  • 12.00 p.m. arrival in Leticia, transfers to the hotel.








1 People
$ 306.000
2 People
3 People
$ 163.000


  • Land transport Leticia-Witoto community-Leticia.

  • Hydration during the journey. Drinking water.

  • Specialized professional guide, accompaniment and permanent assistance.

  • Visit to the Maloka.

  • Activities specified in the Plan.

  • Medical Assistance Card.


  • Personal or additional purchases.




  • It is essential to have the citizenship card, if it is a foreign national identity card or passport, as well as the current international certificate of yellow fever vaccine, (preventive for any program, but not mandatory).

  • Amazon tour includes, medical assistance card.

  • Simple money for personal or craft purchases.

  • Wear light and cool comfortable clothes, such as T-shirts, shirts with long sleeves, light colors, swimwear, caps, as well as waterproofs, lanterns, flashlights, sunblock, repellent.

  • If you take any medication you must take it.

  • If you are vegetarian, vegan or allergic to fish or any other food you must inform your agency and your guide before the tour.

$ 136.000
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