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The NATUTAMA week is a great success
from August 22 to 26, 2018 in Puerto Nariño, Amazonas.



Natütama is a Ticuna word that refers to the "underwater world". The interpretation center allows you to know through two modules with carved animals to life size and realistic paintings of the landscapes associated with the aquatic ecosystem, which you will hardly be able to observe during your visit to the Amazonian wildlife: the underwater world in the flooded forest, the beach at night and the sacred time of the stories associated with these ecosystems. The visit is guided and interpretive and includes videos with information about river dolphins and Amazonian manatees. Your visit will not only be learning and fun for you. and his companions, but also with his contribution contributes to the monitoring and education programs that the Natütama Foundation carries out in the area aimed at the natural and cultural conservation of this ecosystem.

Amazon tour, extends a deep appreciation to the Libertadores University and to students of Hospitality and Tourism, who during their trip to the Amazon with the coordination of Jupawiss and the Amazon tour logistics and operation, contributed to the conservation work and environmental education of the Natutama Foundation in Puerto Nariño.

The university students shared with the children of the friends of the jungle program and friends from the stream, they became active in games, drawings, paintings and toured the interpretation center. The day concluded with an important donation from the Universidad del Libertadores and its students of work materials such as paintings, colors, altarpieces, stationery and others, benefiting the Natutama Foundation and the children of the programs in their work for the conservation of the Amazon underwater ecosystems.

The NATUTAMA week is a great success
from August 22 to 26, 2018 in Puerto Nariño, Amazonas.

Puerto Nariño was launched ... the expected and well-known "Natutama Week". Where the streets were filled with joy and color thanks to the intergenerational group of the Natutama Foundation.

Endless playful activities for children and young people, and for all audiences, were welcomed in this creative and fun event.

Theater workshops, dances and traditional drinks, like chocolate beverage, were held, creating meeting points where our eyes are filled with light when listening to our grandparents, fishermen, children and adults, as they give us their stories and experiences.

The theme on this occasion was: "Knowledge, customs and traditions about traditional fishing."

A tradition as exciting as necessary and deeply linked to the life and culture of the Tikuna people.

With the hope of reviving this knowledge, bringing it closer to the youngest, and of keeping alive the transmission of this knowledge, activities will be developed throughout this week that aim to grant the prominence that these practices and the beings that develop them deserve. In this sense the group of Natutama makes a rescue and revitalization effort.

 The NATUTAMA Week in August 2018 in Puerto Nariño, Amazonas

 It was unforgettable...

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