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Deep jungle
experience 4 days

Welcome to the exciting 4-day Amazon survival tour! Immerse yourself in the lush rainforest while learning key survival skills from our expert local guides. From building makeshift shelters to identifying edible plants and jungle orientation techniques, this journey will take you to a fascinating world where nature is your teacher. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure full of challenges and discoveries in the heart of the green lung of the world. Join us and let the Amazon rainforest show you its magic!

Day 1

The day begins at 9:00 am from the Amazon tour operations center, leaving in a private 4x4 vehicle by road to the jungle, located about 25 km from Leticia. Accompanied by indigenous Yagua hunter guides, we will venture on a 4-hour walk until we reach the Tapiri camp in the primary jungle. During the tour we will enjoy a delicious lunch and participate in activities exploring the local fauna and flora during the afternoon. We will enjoy dinner, an excellent fish cooked between leaves. The experience culminates with an exciting one-hour night walk.

Day 2

Waking up in the Amazon jungle. After a nutritious breakfast, our indigenous guides take us to collect fruits such as Copuí and Acaí, loaded with energy for our journey. They teach us basic jungle survival skills, from building shelters to finding drinking water. For lunch, we have the option of trying palm worms with yucca, a unique culinary experience. Then, we ventured on a hike through the jungle, crossing rugged landscapes and small ravines. We camp next to a serene ravine where we enjoy a refreshing swim in the ravine. Dinner comforts us after a day of exploration, followed by a night of stories, myths and legends of the jungle around the fire. then in warm hammocks with mosquito nets, ready for a night of rest under the jungle.

Day 3

Sunrise in the lush Amazon jungle. After enjoying an energetic breakfast, we participate in artisanal fishing along the ravine, we delight in a typical lunch that highlights the authentic flavors of the region. We continue our exciting journey through the jungle towards the Amazon River.

Along the way, we witness the skill of the Yugua indigenous people in extracting the precious latex from rubber, as well as the use of other jungle species for their sustenance. We learn basic jungle survival instructions, from how to light a fire to how to find food.

Once we arrive in the Yagua community, the day ends with a family dinner and accommodation in hammocks in the homes of the community's natives.


Day 4

The day begins with a typical breakfast. The morning offers us the opportunity to relax and absorb the tranquility of the environment, or explore the Yagua community, where we can visit the artisans and hold craft workshops. learn about their ceremonial costumes and their daily lives, after lunch we will be returning to Leticia in artisanal boats on the great Amazon River with the probability of observing dolphins during the tour, arriving in Leticia from 4 to 5 in the afternoon.


Activity summary

Daytime jungle walk.

Walk in the night jungle.

Jungle camp.

Instruction on jungle survival techniques, orientation in the jungle, shelter, water, fire, food.

Food preparation.

Observation of fauna and flora.

Artisanal fishing.

Artesanal workshop.

Cultural exchange.

Dolphin watching.

Cruise on the Amazon River.

Plan Includes

Ground transportation

River transportation

Complete feeding


Hammock, mosquito net and wool blanket.

Rubber boots


Medical assistance card.

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