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Zacambu Jungle 3 days

Welcome to the exciting 3-day Amazon jungle tour! Immerse yourself in the lush rainforest while learning about the jungle from our expert local guides. From traditional medicine to the interpretation of the different ecosystems of the jungle, this trip will take you to a fascinating world where nature manifests itself with a jungle full of life. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure discoveries in the heart of the Amazon on the three borders. Join us and let the jungle show you its charm and seduction!


Day 1
The day begins at 9:00 am from the Amazon tour operations center, leaving in a private vehicle by road towards the jungle. Accompanied by Ticunas indigenous guides, we will venture on a 3-hour walk until we reach the camp in the primary jungle. During the tour we will enjoy a delicious lunch and participate in activities exploring the local fauna and flora during the afternoon. We will enjoy dinner, an excellent fish cooked between leaves. The experience culminates with an exciting one-hour night walk.


Day 2
We start the day with a good breakfast, you begin a return walk from the jungle to the road, and then take a vehicle back to Leticia. After a brief stop in Leticia, you embark on an exciting boat journey along the Amazon and Yavarí rivers, arriving at a native lodge in Sacambu, located in the heart of the flooded jungle between Brazil and Peru. After a revitalizing lunch, you have the option of going fishing or taking a boat ride. Subsequently, you venture into the Yavarí River in search of pink and gray dolphins, dive into one of the Sacambu lakes for a refreshing swim, and enjoy the sunset immersed in an atmosphere of pure adventure. As night falls, you return to the accommodation to recharge your batteries and wait for dinner. Then, you prepare for an exciting boat expedition in search of alligators, depending on the season, you participate in a fascinating night walk through the flooded jungle.


Day 3
The day begins with breakfast, embark on a spectacular journey along Lake Zacambu, explore a Peruvian village, where you will marvel at the majestic Arapaima gigas, the largest river fish in the world, and enjoy the company of different species of primates. Immerse yourself in the impressive landscape of the Zacambu lakes, after a delicious lunch upon return to the accommodation, prepare to embark on the return trip to Leticia. Arrival in Leticia 4 to 5 in the afternoon.

Activity summary


  • Daytime jungle walk.

  • Walk in the night jungle.

  • Jungle camp.

  • Food preparation.

  • Observation of fauna and flora.

  • Artisanal fishing.

  • Alligator watching

  • Dolphin watching.

  • Cruise on the Amazon River.


Plan Includes


  • Ground transportation

  • River transportation

  • Complete feeding

  • Hydration.

  • Hammock, mosquito net and wool blanket.

  • Rubber boots

  • Raincoat

  • Medical assistance card.

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