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A Safari in the Amazon?

What is the origin of the word safari?

The meaning of the word “safari” comes from Swahili, taken in turn from a term in the Arabic language that simply means “journey”. This concept began to be used in sub-Saharan Africa from the 18th century to indicate the trips made by merchants who transported all kinds of goods. Later it came to be used to refer to photographic trips in search of animals from the 19th century.

Nowadays, a safari can be done in many different ways, such as the classic 4x4 vehicle in Africa, by boat in some canals or rivers, on foot, or even in a hot air balloon that takes you to remote observation sites landing in aerial jungle. All of them have the same goal: to achieve the greatest number of wildlife sightings possible.


A Safari in the Amazon is an experience that goes beyond the classic travel plan. In addition, we add our experience and personalized attention that characterize us, the entire stay is in accommodation in the jungle, this is an experience in itself. At the sites, you can enjoy and learn about the culture of the area, relax with a good bath, gaze at the stars at night and share stories with the experienced guides.

Everything revolves around you, so that the main objective of your vacation is fulfilled, relax and enjoy without any worries, while you contemplate the impressive environment that surrounds you.


The Safari activity itself is based on the sighting of the greatest amount of fauna possible, among which are usually included dolphins, alligators, sloths, monkeys, as well as an interesting variety of birds.

Generally, Safari tours are carried out in a boat, which are driven by expert motorcyclists and in the company of an experienced guide from the area. These will try to find animals in the least intrusive way possible, in order to guarantee responsible tourism with the environment, but at the same time trying to make it the most interesting for visitors, explaining what is being observed at the moment.


As mentioned before, there are many types of Safaris besides the classic. But the safaris not only vary by the means used to make sightings, such as in vehicles, by boat or in a balloon, but also vary in the content itself to be observed. Next, we refer you to 3 types of Safaris that you surely did not know.

Bird Safari: The surprising variety of birds in the Amazon environment, really one is a huge variety of species, which means that we can enjoy the activity in all the sites visited, in the company of our expert bird guides, we can explore various ecosystems both in mainland jungle and floodplain forests. The activity is carried out walking or in boats in the different jungle environments of our vast Amazon region.

Botanical safari: Botanical safaris try to show the enormous variety of floristic species that exist in a certain environment. In them, the animals are not the protagonists, but the plants. A walking tour is carried out while a guide gives the appropriate explanations about the vegetation and the type of ecosystem of the route. One of the best areas to carry out this fantastic and relaxing activity is in the fantastic Amazon Açaí Lodge Reserve, in the Colombian Amazon.

River safari: As you can imagine, this time it is about finding the fauna in the great Amazon river. To do this, this type of Safari is done by boat and depending on which animal is going to be seen, one route or another will be taken. The most frequent animals are: Pink Dolphin, Gray Dolphin, during the night black caiman, white caiman, among other species.


At Amazon tour, we are experts in organizing bespoke Safari trips. If you are looking for inspiration for your trip, you can consult our sample plans, where you will find all the information you need about travel.

You can also contact us through the form and one of our advisors will help you create your tailor-made trip adapted to your tastes and needs.

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