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They facilitate ecotourism in the Amazon

"The Amazon Tour agency has established itself as a benchmark in ecotourism and specialized tourism in the Amazon."

El Nuevo Siglo is a Colombian daily newspaper, founded on February 1, 1936 (with the name El Siglo) by conservatives Laureano Gómez and José de la Vega in Bogotá. It had the collaboration of politicians and journalists Jaime Plata Bermúdez and Francisco Plata Bermúdez.

Today and since its beginnings it has been a reference for opinion and analysis. With more than 80 years of experience, its information is presented in print and digital formats. The newspaper, with national and local reach, circulates every day in the different cities of the country.

Today we want to share with our travelers a small note from Eduardo Najar, journalist from the New Century, who visited us in the Amazon during 2023, and wrote about the Amazon tour and what we do in the economics section of the prestigious newspaper, December 10, 2023 edition.

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