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Amazon tour, Take your experience to the next level with your own private guide!

One of the most crucial aspects of any Amazon experience is the quality of your guides. Long after you have forgotten the meals you tasted and the comfortable beds you slept in, you will continue to talk about your Amazon experience, the animals, and your guide.

What is the difference between a guide and a private guide?

Wherever you go in your experience, you will be provided with a guide who works for Amazon tour. On longer trips, you will be assigned the same guide throughout your stay, so that he can meet you and thus ensure that you will not receive repeated information and that your animal and landscape sightings are optimized according to your interests and previous sightings.

However, in conventional tour trips that include in most offers for our destination, you will find a guide for each tours or log you visit, so the continuity of your trip can be lost while you spend time to meet the new guide, and can receive repeated information. This is where a private guide will really add to the value of your experience.

A private guide, or host guide, as they are sometimes called, is a guide who will accompany you throughout the trip and your experience in Amazonas, whether you go as a couple, as a family or in a group. They will make your journey easier and continually add a dimension of professionalism to it.

This includes everything from meeting you at the airport and making your hotel reservation, to sitting with you around the camp fire and pointing to the stars.

What advantages will you get from a private guide?

  • If you are coming from another country and are nervous about exploring new destinations, a private guide can put you at ease. He will accompany you every step of the way: an expert host who will guide you in your Amazon experience.

  • A private guide facilitates the experience and provides continuity, so that you will avoid unnecessary repetitions from one destination to another and thus optimize your animal sightings and your experience of nature, working in collaboration with the lodges to visit and their guides.

  • Private guides have varied and specialized skills, including photography, bird watching, history, jungle survival, ecology, tracking, and walking guide that they will share with you.

  • You will always have someone you can trust by your side and whom you can turn to if you have problems or any special needs.

  • Our private guides are great with kids - they will entertain and amuse your kids from start to finish and help ease the stress of keeping kids busy during the trip.

  • Your private guide works in collaboration with the lodges to offer better service.

  • You won't have to wait until you start a tour to ask questions, and your questions won't have to be limited to nature.

  • Our private guides have a deep knowledge of all the destinations, cultures and stories of the Amazon. They guarantee that you will acquire a deep and spiritual understanding of the nature of our region.

  • You will always have a link with Amazon tour to ensure your satisfaction and to control the quality of your experience. You will always have someone from Amazon tour to go to even in areas where there is no telephone connection.

  • You will also have someone by your side to record your trip and take pictures. Our private guides

Elvis Ordoñez, Hitier Gonzalez, Thomas Asipali, Gerardo Michi: extraordinary private guides!

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